5, Agency services of air& sea freight forwarding

Our company is a modern logistics enterprise with the right of import and export trade. We posses high-quality managing person and the professional operating staff of rich experience, and equip with the freight forwarding management system specialized in developing, which can provide land, ocean and air operation in various forms of international freight forwarders and supply professional and useful solution in the support of freight management system for customers. Besides, we have professional person to take charge of services from quotations, declaration, clearance of imports and customs transfer to the delivery and land transport, and offer cargo tracking and information inquiries in the carious processes for clients.

Our advantages are that every aspect of the whole supply chain can be planed, coordinated, controlled and optimized. Through the complete process of “The delivery and receiving of foreign factories Import &Export clearance customs in oversea Distribution ports Distribution in domestic factories and delivery and receiving in domestic factories”, we can submit the products needed by Customers to you at the right time, right place and right state to help customers reduce the time in transit of goods and the occupancy of funds, lower inventory levels, reduce logistics costs, and respond quickly to market demand.


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